About Me

The Dull Stuff About Me: I’ve lived in Indiana most of my life, except for a few years spent in exile in Kansas and Nebraska. I’m currently living in my home town of Terre Haute, Indiana. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart, Doug, for…well never mind for exactly how long…more than 25 years, but less than 50. I have two grown children and four of the most perfect grandchildren on the planet.

The Even Duller Stuff About Me: I’m a weekly freelance columnist for the Terre Haute Tribune-Star. I’ve been speaking for churches and civic groups for over 30 years. (Check out the pages for my columns and speaking topics.) I’ve taught students of all ages, and I can testify that the only difference between Kindergarteners and college freshman is the size of their desks.

The Dullest Stuff of All About Me: I’m a graduate of Garfield High School in Terre Haute, (go Purple Eagles!) and of Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL. (Never mind what year.) I was the recipient of an Honorable Mention in a Writer’s Digest International Writing Competition. (I can’t remember what year.)

My Close Connection to Someone Famous:  Once when I was singing at a meeting, someone told me I reminded her of Bette Midler, famous singer and actor. (It’s not the voice, folks, it’s the flambouyant personality and the bright red hair.) One other time, I was told I reminded someone of Liz Curtis Higgs, famous Christian speaker and author. (Again…the chubby cheeks and constant giggles.) I have sent formal letters of apologies to both women. (Only Liz wrote back!)

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