Day 25 – I’m thankful for tears

As I write this, it’s a day of tears. My family is gone. The trash has been disposed of. The dishes are clean and put away. Even the leftovers in the refrigerator are almost all gone. The house is empty, and without all the extra people around, the space seems huge and vast. Worst of all, everything is quiet. So quiet. Too quiet. So quiet, it’s making me cry.

But, I’m thankful for the tears. Because these tears mean that there are special memories that were made these past few days. Memories of the grandkids making short work of decorating the Christmas tree. Memories of the table spread with all the fixings of a huge feast. Memories of laughter and singing and sharing stories of our lives. Memories that have already been written about in my memory journal and stored in the memory bank of my brain.

I’m also thankful for tears because of the promise of God. Isaiah 25:8 says, “The Soverign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces.” God knows if my tears are those of rejoicing, fear, pain, or depression. He sees each tear. He will one day, take my face in His hand and wipe every tear from my face. Whenever I cry, no matter what the reason for the tears, that image comes to my mind. I long for that day, when the Designer of my body, the one who Created me in His image, the one who is my Savior and Redeemer will personally wipe away the tears that are flowing from my eyes. I’m thankful for tears, because tears make me yearn for heaven, feed my longing for a better country (see Hebrews 11:16).

I’m thankful for tears, because they remind me how much God tenderly loves and cares for me.

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