Day 27 – I’m thankful for changing weather

I’m thankful that God is the original meteorologist. God created the climate. Before sin entered the Garden of Eden, there was no worry about changing weather conditions, no concern over too much heat for the fields of corn and too little snow for the winter wheat. We are told that things in the Garden were watered and fed from the crystal clear water God had placed there.

Then sin reared its ugly head and mankind had to learn to toil in the soil and worry about the weather. There had been no weeds in the Garden, no need for sprinklers to keep the grass green and lawn mowers to keep the grass trimmed. No worries about the weather.

But that being said, I’m still grateful for changes in the weather. Snow reminds me that God has washed away my sin and made me white as snow. Storms, complete with thunder and lightening, remind me of the warning that God had been so upset with the people He destroyed them in a great flood. I know, that after the storm, a rainbow will be in the sky somewhere. Although I may not be able to see it, the rainbow reminds me that God promised He will never again destroy the earth in such a flood as Noah saw.

Droughts remind me that when Elijah prayed that it would not rain, it did not rain for three and a half years. Then when Elijah prayed, the heavens gave rain and the ground again produced crops. It reminds me that my prayers are powerful, and that God’s provisions are plentiful.

A bitter cold temperature warns me that my spirit will be cold and bitter unless I keep it close to God. Hot, humid days warn me of the dangers of hot fires of hell. Sunshine reminds me the Son out to shine in my life. Darkness reminds me that as long as I live in the Light of Jesus, I will never be in darkness again.

In short, God is the God of the Weather. Do you see him in the weather? And how are you thankful for it?

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