Day 30 – Thankful for Lessons Learned

I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve learned doing this Thirty Day of Thanks thing. In no particular order, here are just some of the things I’ve learned.
I never ran dry on thinking of things for which to give thanks. That was encouraging to me. It meant I’ve gotten better at being a thankful person. A few years ago, before I was changed by a major spiritual awakening and before my “major” health scare, I never would have been able to think of 3 things to be thankful for, let alone 30.
I was able to see things to be thankful for in “little” things…like the colors I see everyday and the good things I smell every day. My thanks used to stop at the big things…the things everyone always lists: health, happiness, family, friends. I’m just as thankful for my hot morning coffee, the falling leaves on the trees in my back yard, the sound of a friend texting me an encouraging message as I’m thankful for my health and happiness. Sure, some things rate BIG THANKS, while others not so effusive thanks. But nevertheless, I’m thankful for all good things. Doing this 30 day thing taught me that.
I’m also thankful for the discipline of finding the words to be thankful every day. People often ask me where I find so much to write about. (Are you kidding? Just look at me, people, for I am a fount of examples for what not to do, what not to say, and how not to act. I also look funny when I walk, and I often get my mords wixed up when I talk.) People also ask me how hard it is to write a weekly column. (Are you kidding? If I don’t write something “publishable” at least once a week, I think I’ll burst!) Some people have even gone so far as to ask what it’s like to write everyday. (Are you kidding? It’s like having a homework assignment that never ends…) But doing this posting for 30 days was great discipline. It was fun in the beginning, I got bogged down in the middle, and now that this is the last of the 30 days, I feel a bit lost. I guess this has officially made me a “blogger!”
I’m also thankful for this website. I feel as if no one reads it or visits it, and then I’ll hear someone say they have visited my site and liked it. So, even if it’s not masses of you reading this, I know that there are at least 2 or 3 of you out there, and I’m thankful for you!!
I’m also thankful that this little experiment is over. For, now I’be become inspired to do “more” with my little website. I’m going to add a page of activities of and for and by the women of my church, Union Christian Church in Terre Haute, Indiana. I’m also going to add more content, like Bible Studies and Devotionals. And I’m going to start going absolutely bonkers about marketing this website…so beware!
So, here’s the last entry of the 30 days. There’s lots more to come…and I’m thankful for that!

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