I’ve been in a bad mood lately…

I’ve been in a bad mood lately. Not necessarily grouchy, but bordering on it, that’s for sure. I’ve been tired and out of sorts and feeling like I’m about to slip into full-blown lousy. What’s up?

I just got good news at the rheumatologist’s office: no need for infusions for this terrible Rheumatoid Arthritis. I got very good news at the cardiologist/electro physiologist: wires on defibrillator are in place and heart rate is within normal limits. I have a husband who is devoted to me. I am preparing for a trip to Florida to see my daughter and her family, including two of the four most perfect grandchildren ever. I have enough money in the bank to keep me from the poor house and enough food in the house to eat and enough gas in my car to get me where I need to go.

So why the bad mood?

I know exactly why. Last week I spoke to a group of ladies about how to prepare their hearts for Christmas. I said we should stop aiming for perfection, start accepting that there will be jobs undone, and look for Jesus all around us. I should have listened to my own advice. For this past week, I’ve felt the pressure of wanting to do everything perfectly, of wanting to do everything for everyone, and being too busy to read God’s word and look for Him working in my life.

Shame on me. No wonder I’m in a bad mood.

So, starting this moment, I will let go of my need for perfection. If the cookies I’m making for the live nativity at church are not photograph worthy, it will be alright. I’m sure they will get eaten, anyway. If I can make only two dozen cookies instead of the six dozen I’d like to make, it will be alright. I know God will bless the two dozen people who eat my cookies. And if the cookies are made with prayer for the blessing of those who receive them, then I know I will see Jesus with each scoop of the cookie dough.

How are you dealing with the pressure for perfection? Are you willing to let some of the unimportant jobs go unfinished? How are you seeing Jesus in this season?


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